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Christmas at "torri d'europa" 12/09-10/2006


Our shows at the "Torri d'Europa" Shopping Center are becoming a fixed appointment for the public (ad a pleaseant one too, we should say)

Saturday afternoon the show started with Nevio Martini wonderful show, with doves, cards and candles, whereas, later in the afternoon, it was Angelius'turn with his clumsy juggler act who puts his nose in the magician's bag. Boinnng and Wizard spent all the afternoon doing balloons sculptures for all the children in the Center

Sunday Anthás, Dave D., Julian, Martini and Step did a no-stop four hour show at two close-up magic booths. The booths were full for all the time, demonstrating the love of the public for this kind of magic, not so common to see here in Italy.



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