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torri d'europa shopping center 02/06/2005


On February, 6th, Trieste Magica showed up at the "Torri d'Europa" Shopping Center, for the Great Carnival Party. During the all afternoon many balloon sculptures have been given away by Alkester, Valerio and Willow to the thousends of visitors that literally packed up all the whole Shopping Center.

The same can be said for the two Close-up Magic booths, at the first and at the third level of the Center, where the audience had the plasure to see, for over three hours, the performances of Ghibli, with many effects encompassing card magic and mental magic, of Julian, with his amusimg tales that mesmerized both youngsters and grown-ups, and of Nevio Martini, who entertained the audience with the "pocket" version of some of the classics of magic, such as the "Linking Rings" and the "Cups and Balls".



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