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torri d'europa shopping center 12/13/2003

On december 13th 2003, Trieste Magica showed up at the "Torri d'Europa" Shopping Center, with two Magic Shows and three hours of balloon sculptures.

The balloons sculptures, realized by Angelius, Blizzard, Boinnng, Willow and Wizard, have been distributed for over three hours to over a thousand children, trasforming the afternoon into a big party for everyone.

And, as in all the biggest party, we couldn't miss to have a magic show. The first magician to show up was Julian, who made all the children laugh with his tipical humor.

The second conjurer on stage was Nevio Martini, who astonished the audience with an almost infinite series of appearing and disappearing cards, balls, candles and white doves. As a great ending there was an explosion of cards coming out of his his top hat.



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