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IVth SoirÉe Fantastique

On June 14th 2005 Trieste Magica presented the IVth Soirée Fantastique . The title of the show, that for that evening was about Close-up Magic, was an homage to the homonymous show by Jean Robert-Houdin (1805-1871) which took place in Paris during the summer 1845.

The show lasted about 90 minutes and was MCed by Ghibli. He also had the pleasure to start the show with a small, and we sould say also a bit bloody, piece acted with Angelius , our pest who never does one right (or at least it seems so until the last moment). Angelius entered the stage holding the severed hand of the first magician (still moving and manipulating a ball) and the act ended with a newspaper erroniously broken by Angelius and restored by our MC. Really amusing!

The first magician on stage (this time for real) was Anthés with a Linking Ring routine: Anthés really loves his routine and the audience seems to love it too. Every time there is a big hand for him at the end!

Next was Valerio Cappellini with a really romantic act, where a shiny necklace transformed itself in a long silver string which was used by Valerio for some mistifying magic that ended with the production of a white rose that was given to a young lady from the audience.

After a small introduction by Ghibli on how to become a Sorcerer's Apprentice, Angelius was back on stage with his alter-ego, Julian. He selected a girl from the audience and transformed her in a "Instant Magician", something that the audience seemd to really like.

Then it was time for the Mental magic to dazzle the audience with Step, who really played with the mind of the audience using ESP symbols and unexplainable predictions.

After that Valerio was back onto stage, this time with a rope routine that the audience liked really much.

The time was good for calling Angelius back on stage, this time with an exhilarating Mindreading Act that brought the audience in tears for laughs.

The show was closed by Nevio Martini, who delighted and amused the public with his silent act centerd on cards and balls manipulations wich ended with the vanishing of a white dove that had appeared from a white scarf just seconds before.

After that was the official closing from our MC, with some thanks to the off-stage helping hands: Cristiana Castellan at the mixing console, Barbara Giacopini for the pictures you can see here and Mauro Marchesi for taping all the show. Then all the artists came once again on stage to receive the last applause of the evening from the audience who really liked the show and we are sure that they will be back for the next Soirée this Fall.


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