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IIIrd soirÉe fantastique

On October, 5th, Trieste Magica presented the IIIrd Soirée Fantastique, as usual in the 19th century Cafe S. Marco. The show, themed about Close-up and Parlor Magic, has seen many artists on stage wonderfully MCed by Dave D. who also entertained the audience with some magic effects.
The first on stage was Julian who introduced a sword-thru-neck with a member of the audience. Next was Antés, with his personal  an evergreen of Magic, the Linking Rings. Really one of the most appreciated acts of the show.
The mental Magic of Step was next, with a seance in wich the spirit of Houdini helped a young lady to set a lock free. Luca, a guest magician belonging to the "Teatro Arte Magica" presented some effects with currency and giant cards, all done with his usual kindness.
Elanor, the only female magician on stage for the evening presented a transposition of some cards, safely clippend and kept safe by two audience members.
Ghibli made the audience breath again the atmosphere of the mental magic with the correct prediction of a word randomly selected by a spectator and the photo of the aura of a card.
The show was closed by Nevio Martini, who gifted the audience with the preview of an axcerpt of the act he will be presenting at the Gala show of the National convention of the Club Magico Italiano. Just to name one of the effects we would like to remember his wonderful cups and balls routine.
The audience, who literally filled up the room, really liked the show and geve a big hand to the artists again on stage for the final bow. See you to the IVth Soirée Fantastique, in 2005.



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