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IInd soirÉe fantastique 05/04/2004

On may, 4th 2004, the second Soiree Fantastique by Trieste Magica took place in the wonderful frame of the "S.Marco Cafe'". The show was MCed by Julian who also performed some magical effects to give time for changing the props on stage between the other artists. During the evening have been introduced to the audience some of the activities of Trieste Magica among which we would like to remember the Magic Academy, dedicated to all the people that is really willing to learn this ancient art.

The hounour to break the ice was for Dave D. who bewildered the audience with two card magic effects that ended with a chosen card found underneath a table.
Next on stage was Step, with a seance where a spirit was evoked and helped finding a card that was hit with a vodoo rite.
Trieste Magica President, Ghibli, entertained with two of his signature effects with audience partecipation: the egg bag, where a chicken egg misteriously (and comically) appears and disappears, and his famous coloured pom-poms.
Valerio divined some numbers and some cards mentally chosen by some audience members.
Next was Elanor, the only girl in the show, at her first time on stage. During her effect a card was selected, torned and burned to ashes (apart for a corner guarded by a spectator) and was magically found restored (and fitting with the spectator's corner) inside an almost infinite series of sealed coloured boxes.
The mental side of magic was again on stage with Alucard, who incredibly previewed a sentence freely selected by a lady on a page randomly chosen among some books available in the Cafe'.
The show ended with Nevio Martini's manipulation act, who delighed the audience with his cards, rings, flying doves and burning candles.
At the end all the artists walked again on stage to receive a final round of applause from all the people who really filled up all the available space.



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