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Ist SoirÉe Fantastique

Last October, 14th 2003, in the wonderful frame of S.Marco Cafe, in Trieste, took place the first Soirée Fantastique by Trieste Magica. The title of the show, that for that evening was about Close-up Magic, was an homage to the homonymous show by Jean Robert-Houdin (1805-1871) which took place in Paris during the summer 1845.

Many people came to see the show, although the show itself had not so much advertisement, and they completely filled all the seats available (about 120 people attended). The show was opened by Ghibli who, after a brief speech about our Ring activities, started the "magic" with a couple of effects with two nice ladies assisting him. The second coming onto stage was Xavian, who did a complex Mental Magic effect where he had to answer to some questions the audience wrote inside some sealed envelopes. A bit of comedy followed, with Julian's act: really amazing also the little assistant that gave him a hand during one of the effects. Card magic was one of the corner stones of the Anthés act, who made a chosen card appear inside his wallet. The next act was really a surprise: just for a night Alucard left home his evil mindreader look and did something that really made the audience laugh. Next was the time for a little bit of Magic history: Dave D. and his cups really enchanted the audience! And the following card magic once again demonstrated that, at present time, he is surely one of the best Cardician in Italy. The show, which lasted almost ninety minutes, ended with Nevio Martini, who amused the audience with his knotted handkerchief.

We hope to see many people also to the next Soirée, in spring 2004.


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