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A world of Hobbit, Dwarves, Elves, Knights and Wizards: this is the way J.R.R. Tolkien describes to his readers his "Middle-Earth" in his masterwork "The Lord of the Rings", not forgetting all his other books related to this wonderful world, from the "Silmarillion" (published after Tolkien's death) to "The Hobbit". And this was what a wanderer passing by would have seen by entering "Hobbiton XI", the annual convention dedicated to Middle-Earth and organized by the Italian Tolkien Society in the first week of September, in the recurrence of the birthday of the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Entering the gates of Hobbiton you had a chance to meet all the species living in this wondrous world and armed knights where at hand, ready to fight with the evil Nazguls.

In this world pulsing with Magic, some artists from Trieste Magica, with a Middle-Age wizard outfit presented some fantasy-style Magic, for almost eight hours of shows throughout the day.

Anthés delighted the audience with some magic mainly with silver coins and dice; we would also like to remember the amusing story about the Rings of Power, described with the aid of golden rings, magically linking and unlinking each other under the power of Sauron and his One-Ring.
Ghibli did some magic themed over the Elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air), reading some Tarots and telling the stories of some of the characters created by the prolific mind of J.R.R. Tolkien. Among these we would like to remember a nice card routine about Gollum.
Elanor talked instead about the lives and the powers of the Elves with some interesting pieces of magic. Among these the audience liked best a mind reading effect done with the aid of some fragments of Galadriel's Mirror and a ritual about a Ring of Power which ended with a white smoke explosion.

Many people were at Hobbiton that day, almost 4000Ý from all over Italy and bordering countries, and they all appreciated Trieste Magica show, as demonstrated by the continuous crowd at Trieste Magica booth all the day long.

And, as Elanor used to end her show : Namarie Elendil! Farewell, Friends of the Elves! Look forward for the next Hobbiton, we will be there again!


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