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Giulia shopping center 12/12/2004


On december, 18th, Trieste Magica showed up at "Il Giulia" Mall for "Cream and Chocolate", an event organized by the Conciliorship for Education and Juvenile Condition of the Trieste's Municipality with the logistic support of the "100 Maestri" Association.

The show was inspired to Tolkien's "The Lord of The Rings", a theme not unknown to Trieste Magica artists, who already performed at Hobbiton X and Hobbiton XI.

Four artists from Trieste Magica performed on the stage set up inside the mall. The first was Ghibli, who introduced some effects with leather ropes and talked about some peculiarities of the Sauron's Ring. Next was Mahur, merchant of the Southern Lands, coming to sell some of his elvish stuff. Anthés delighted the audience with the amusing story about the Rings of Power, described with the aid of golden rings, magically linking and unlinking each other under the power of Sauron and his One-Ring. Elanor closed the show with some elvish magic, such as predictions and ending with a wonderful explosion.





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