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Christmas show for Casa Capon Retirement House 01/08/2005


On January, 8th 2005, Trieste Magica did a small show for the end of the Christmas time at the Casa Capon Retirement House.

The guests ( only elder ladies ) really enjoyed the show, performed on occasion by Angelius and Ghibli. The magic show was started by Angelius -our clumsy juggler- announcing that the first magician (his alter-ego Julian) was late, so he would be doing his juggling act instead: the story ended with Angelius taking up Julian's props and doing some classical effects (we would just like to remember a torn and restored newspaper, silk serenade and a big ending with a colorful silk), all done with that funny movings that are proper to this strange character.

Next on stage was Ghibli, who entertained all the audience with some rope effects and closing the show with his pom-poms. The "problems" encountered by some assistants chosen from the audience, and managed with Ghibli's usual politeness, provoked laughs and applauses. A big hand was given to both of our artists at the end of the show.



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