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Show for S. Maria Maddalena Church

On december 21st, 2003, Trieste Magica made an appaerance at the S. Maria Madddalena's Church Christmas Show. The Magic show was held by Ghibli, with Willow assisting backstage and taking the pictures you can see in the photo section. The Ghibli's act, dedicated mainly to the children, made all the audience happy (about 500 people attended the show), getting smiles not only from the little spectators attending, but also from their parents that were filling the room.

Among the effects the audience had the pleasure to see, we would like two remember just some Ghibli's "trademarks": the Egg-bag, a funny effect where a youg hen... ehm, sorry, a young assistant magically produces some eggs fron an empty bag, through a complex ritual based on cackles and wings fluttering, and the PomPoms, where a small tube and four coloured pompoms bewilder the magician trying to explain which pompom is connected to the other, with great fun of the audience trying to understand something from a jam made of pompoms,threads and magician's speech. The last one, particularly, drove literally the audience crazy!




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