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Show for S. Maria Maddalena Church


On July, 19th 2003, Trieste Magica took part to the show at the S. Maria Maddalena Church. Every year, during the occurrence of S. Maria Maddalena's day, the church organizes a summer carnival with food, music, dances and shows.

Four Magicians from Trieste Magica took part to the show, presenting various kinds of magic. The show was MCed by Ghibli, and the first artist on stage was Dave D., with an interesting Ring and Rope routine. Alucard followed, with a spooky Mental Magic effect that brought shivers to half of the audience. The show was closed Nevio Martini in very good shape, who frozed to their seats all the members of the audience with his stage act full of cards, rings and snow-white doves. Besides MCing, Ghibli also did some magic effects for the many kids that attended.



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