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In this section you can find all the news about forthcoming events reserved for magicians and organized by our Ring.

We would like to remember you that you can always be up-to-date receiving into your mailbox our newsletter. You can subscribe to the magicians only newsletter sending a blank e-mail to triestemagica_conferenze-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (announcement are made in Italian).

Most recent news are in upper position.

  • February, 11th 2007 (Sunday) - Aurelio Paviato's Lecture.
    Aurelio Paviato is a great artist and a grat student of our art. First prize at the Loussanne 1982 FISM competition, his new lecture (L'arte delle Meraviglie - The Art of Wonders) has been recently presented at Turin with a huge success. It will deal with the theoretical bases of Magic.

  • March, 5th 2006 (Sunday) - Fl!p Hallema's Lecture.
    Fl!p is a grat international artist and doesn't need to be introduced. He lectured all over the world and always with a huge success. Recently L&L Publishing produced a 6 DVD series with his magic.

  • September, 18th 2005 (Sunday) - Vanni Bossi's Lecture.
    Vanni Bossi doesn't need any presentation: historian, creative, magician.. too many words would be needed. His new lecture will encomprise some things from the USA one. It will gve everyone attending something worth.

  • March, 3th 2005 (Sunday). Walt Anthony's "Making Your Magic More Magical" lecture. Being a magician with over thirty years of experience, Mr Walt Anthony has a strong background on acting and directing too. He has been one of the alumni of the "Mistery School". Lecture  (the only one in Italy) starts at 5:30 PM.

  • January, 31st 2005 (Sunday): Wolf Waldbauer lecture and annual banquet. The lecture (on Mental magic) will take place at the restaurant "La Stazione" in Muggia, starting at 5:30 PM. Dinner menu based on meat.

  • May 27th (Thursday) - Carl Andrews Lecture. Carl Andrews is a Magicians from the U.S.A. who works professionally in restaurants and hotels, presenting a comedy close-up magic with a high impact on the audience. He works mainly in Hawaii Islands. He won many awards: Among them we would just like to remember the Silver Medal at the S.A.M. convention in 1983. During his career he appeared also on cruise ships, trade shows and conventions. Lecture will start at 8 P.M.

  • January 19th (Monday) - Carlo Faggi Lecture and annual Banquet. The lecture will be held at the
    Leban Restaurant in Basovizza. starting at 6 P.M. After the lecture it is possible to take part to the banquet (meat menu). As there is a limited attendance to the dinner, reservation (to our secretary) is a must.