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iridescent joker by luca squadrito

Effect: A magically appearing Joker magically inds three selections.

Method: Start out with the Joker on top. Spread the cards between the hands from the left to right, asking the spectator to touch one. When he does, separate the cards at that point, leaving the chosen card on top of the left packet.
With the left hand, raise the left packet, and with the left thumb, reposition the touched card for the spectator to see and memorize. This done, bring the cards together again repositioning this first selection outjogged. Repeat this two more times.
This done square up the cards, leaving the three selection outjogged, and turn the deck face up. Spread the three selection for everybody to see and resquare the deck longwise and continue into a Vernon Multiple Shift with the cards still face up. On the first move on the shift, the selections will carry to the bottom of the faced-up deck.
Continue to Hindu Shuffle until you have about a quarter of the deck left.
The bottom card of the faced-up packet in your right hand is the Joker. This packet needs to be thrown onto the remaining cards so that the Joker is injogged.
Turn the deck face down and, in the process of squaring up, get a right thumb break under the Joker. You now have the three selections on top, the joker over the break, and about a quarter of the deck below the break.
The next step is to get the Joker to the bottom leaving the selection on top. Take all of the cards above the break in Biddle Grip fashion and Swing Cut some cards onto the left-hand packet. Place the remaining on top getting the break under them.
Continue with a Double Undercutting action bringing the Joker to the bottom and the selection to the top.
Immediatly, do another Swing Cut action but, as you bring the cards together, use the middle and ring fingers to swivel the Joker on the bottom of this packet to the right and over the frontedge. This will angle the card down so that, by bringing the right-hand packet in front of the left hand, the Joker will be levered face up and trapped face up by the action of assembling the deck.
Square the cards leaving the Joker protruding face up. Under the Joker are the three selections.
Now, for the purpose of following what happens, take the Ace of Hearts, two of Hearts, and three of Hearts, and place them under the Joker with the Ace directly back to back with the Joker.
Spread the cards and take all of the cards above the Joker and place them on the bottom. While squaring tha cards, get a break under the top two cards (the joker and the first selection). Take this double in a Biddle Grip and use it to lever over the next card revealing the second selection. Pick up this card and place it face up under the twoin the right hand. All three cards are squared.
Take this trio of cards away from the deck, holding them with the thumb on top and the fingers on the bottom. Turn to the right and, using a fanning action, spread the cards exposing the back of the first selection. At the same time you are doing this, drop your left hand down to your side and, using an old Hugard idea, use the left thumb to push the third selection out and, using the left leg, turn the third selection face up.
Back to the right hand, slowly work the cards so that the sandwitched card /the first selection) slowly comes loose. Leave it on the table face down.
During this action, get a break under the face-up card in your left hand. Place the two cards in your right hand on top of the third face-up selection, not allowing the audience to see the face-up card.
Turn all the three of these cards face down. You will now have the third selection on top followed by the second selection and the Joker. Take the top two cards off and use them to turn over the first selection on the table.
Put the deck down and scoop up the first selection with the other two. The first selection is face up and the other two are face down.
Pick the cards up and reposition them so that the first selection is facing the audience and spread the cards a little to the right. You should be holding the cards at about eye level with the thumbs toward you and fingers on the other side. When the cards are spread you will see the second selection facing you, the third selection (which the audience hasn't seen yet), and then the first selection.
Turn the second selection to face the audience. They now see what looks like the back of the Joker between the first and the second slections.
Slowly, very slowly, with the right hand, slide the center card out and turn it to face the audience. This done move the hands apart for all to see, as well as you smiling at them. A finale and an applause suggesting pose.