Trieste Magica

On January 30th we had the pleasure to hold the lecture of one of the major mentalist in Italy: Wolf Waldbauer. He is a professional since 1986 and, with sophisticated techniques combined to devious psychological principles is able to reproduce extra sensorial perceptions and various outstanding mental effects with a personal and humorous style. He works mainly with business conventions and, as a consequence, his performances vary from table hopping to stage magic.

The lecture was held in a local restaurant in Muggia, near Trieste, where after a deep session on mentalism we had the opportunity to have dinner all together, continuing to share ideas and opinions.

The night followed with the performance of most of the participants delighting ourselves as well as the customer and attendants of the restaurant. The evening started with a brief introduction of our President Dario Padovan who, with the assistance of our webmaster Paola Carli, gave us some very interesting datas on our website . It is growing and is visited more than ever day by day with our complete satisfaction. After that it was time to introduce our long awaited guest.     

During the lecture, behind closed doors, Wolf performed and fully explained six effects from his working repertoire. Three were done with cards and three with ordinary daily used objects. The lecturer's opinion was that the magician, or in this case the mentalist, should be able to perform in any situation and anytime to be recognized as real and that should be consistent with his role throughout the whole day. That's why the effects he showed us were totally impromptu, or appeared to be so.

The first trick with cards was a triple divination of a card, done in a simple and direct way, without any difficult or fumbling move. The second one was a prediction based entirely on his superb spectator management while the third one was based on a Matt Schulien's effect. Then he moved to two effects with cigarettes. In the first one he was able to change the cigarette label three time in a row just imagining to lighten it while smoking. The other was a modification of an old effect in which a bill was not burnt even though a lit cigarette was held against it. The third effect involved again a bill, this time through its serial number. Wolf was able to divine a number of the serial just thought of from a spectator. The explanations were full of details born from the decennary experience of our guest in many performances.
After the lecture Wolf was very forthcoming in answering all the questions we asked, arguing his ideas with the demonstration of some other effects.

Eventually we enjoyed our dinner, with impromptu performances of both Wolf and our Nevio Martini, as well as the rest of the night passed performing in the restaurant, in a parlour setting as our consuetude. Nevio Martini did cards, billiard balls and candle manipulation, Graziano Stepancich (Step) performed some mentalism, Giuliano Angiolini (Julian) did some stage magic with bottles and changing colour disks while Dario Padovan (Ghibli) showed us a routine half as a mentalist and half as a cardician. The show was closed by Wolf who delighted us again with some other strong mental effects and spoon breaking which literally left the attendants dumbfounded. The whole show was beautifully MCed by Paola Carli.
As all this wasn't enough Wolf kept on astonishing everyone with some other devastating effects (you should have been there to see some facial expressions) .
The evening was excellent, thanks to a superb lecturer we highly recommend. Each one of us were able to take something new, even simply an idea, which was worth the experience. Thank you very much Wolf, we hope to see you again in the future!

Coincidences and Telepathy. A wonderful effect by Wolf...



Wolf Waldbauer during the lecture.

The audience listen with attention.


After dinner show participants.