Trieste Magica
On January 26th 2004, we had the pleasure to see the lecture of Carlo Faggi (Fax).
Carlo Faggi is at present time Member fo the directing board of Club Magico Italiano and president of the Milan section of the CMI. He authored Stupire ( a magic book for people starting to study magic) some years ago, and is also interested in the history of our Art. Some years ago he did a VHS limited edition of Houdini's Terror Island (50 numbered copies only).

The lecture was very well accepted by the audience and was mainly about parlor and close-up effects.

Between the magic effects explained we would like to remember just "precious" (a routine about a pearl dog), and the funny "Magic Shuffle for dummies".

After the lecture and the dinner a show has taken place, starring all Trieste Magica members and Falkon, a friend that came to visit us for the occasion.

Here you can find some photos of the event.

Carlo Faggi during his lecture..



Ring 353 President, Dario Padovan, giving to Mr. Faggi a small plaque.

Falkon executing a nice routine with a balancing card.



Step demostrates a Max Maven effect.



Alucard. Mentalism at its best.



Anthés doing some card magic with Mrs. Martini as a helper.


Julian exploiting a new genre: "Comedy Mental Magic" ?!?!?!?!


Nevio Martini amuses again with Linking Rings.