Trieste Magica

On March 13th, we had the pleasure to host Mr. Walt Anthony's lecture: "Making your magic more magical".

Let's start saying that this is not an easy lecture: if you are looking just for the next four-ace trick to buy... it's better for you not to attend, because Mr. Anthony lecture (or we should better say workshop, as it lasted almost three hours) will make you think, and maybe also argue a lot. But if are the kind of magician that likes to think, then this lecture is a must-see.

Mr. Anthony is a professional magician (although he prefer to call himself a Teller-of-Tales and conjurer), a member of the Inner Circle of Bizzarre Magic and, besides, he has also been one of the alumni of the "Mistery School". You can find some of his thoughts on bizzarre magic in the March issue of the Linkng Ring. As I said, the lecture is a controversial one, because if miles away from what a "typical" lecture is: no tricks explained, no props to sell, many points to ponder and to discuss: really one of the best lecture I saw in the last years. During the lecture Mr. Anthony deeply analyzes those which are the main tenants of his way of doing Magic: first of all he discusses the creation of a character that may fit you (and avoiding to be a second-rate version of somebody else...). This is done through a discussion of the Archetypes and of the faces of the Magician, trying to motivate everithing in your Magic (why you are doing something, which are the sources of your power, who is your character). Another point Mr. Anthny stresses is to create a logical path throughout your show, so that your audience can follow easily and have the desider suspension of disbelief: this should be also done with an accurate use of acting skills. Mr. Anthony gives examples of his theories during the all lecture, and also stimulates an active participation of the audience, dividing the people in small groups and giving some minutes to work out together a new (meaningful) presentation for a classic of Magic (I will not say which one in order to avoid spoiling the surprise).

So if you like to study, to experiment and to analize your Magic, and there is Mr. Anthony lecturing near you, take the chance and go to see him: I cannot assure that you will agree with him (that's really personal), but for sure you'll have to think (and I think that this is good enough). For more information on Mr. Anthony you can go to his website ( ).

Mr. Walt Anthony and the "Three daughters
of the silk Merchant".



Mr. Anthony during the lecture.

Mr. Anthony and some of Trieste Magica members.