Trieste Magica On May, 27th 2004, Carl Andrews lectured at Trieste Magica Headquarter, in via Pagano. Carl Andrews is a U.S. magicians who works as a professional in restaurants and hotels, doing comedy close-up magic with a high impact on the audience. He worked mainly in Hawaii Islands. He won many awards: among them we would just like to remember the Silver Medal at the S.A.M. convention in 1983. During his career he worked also in trade shows and conventions. At present time he works on cruise ships and lives in Florida.

The lecture was mainly about close-up magic, and was really appreciated by the audience. Being a very brilliant artist, he demonstrated some close-up magic really fit for restaurant work. During the lecture he performed various effects (with cards, sponge balls, coins, dice, cups). We would like to remember just few of them, such as "B.S. 101", a card effect were you "pretend" to explain to the curious spectator a "simple" trick and "Pair o' dice", where the spots of two common casino dice change places following a"tonguetwisting" (beside being exillarating) patter.

Carl Andrews starts the lecture with two of our members (the
president and the vice-president) as helpers.



Mr. Andrews showing to our president a card frog ready to jump through a loop.

Here he is performing a table-hopping "cups and balls" routine.


Carl Andrews in the middle of a funny dice routine.