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It's an honour and a pleasure, for me and all Trieste Magica artists, to welcome you to our official site.
As you can see surfing our pages, this is a young site, but absolutely an enthusiastic one, quite similar to our association! Indeed Trieste Magica was founded by a group of strong friends, all magicians already working in Trieste for many years, willing to elevate the level of magic shows that Trieste offers all the year round.
Love for Magic, enthusiasm, eagerness to do, to try, to experiment, not forgettting a strong feeling of friendship, are elements that charachterized Trieste Magica since its foundation: or, we should better say, from these elements the idea to create an association of this kind originated.
The choice to put online a web site is born almost at the same time we decided to create Trieste Magica. Internet is indeed a wonderful resource to share and spread our love for magic, also with events in our area. For this purpose, in this site you can find a large section about reviews or, better more, about pictures of our activities, not forgetting a page on the positive reviews on the newspapers (under press releases).

Besides, being a magic club belonging to the International Brotherhood of Magicians, we felt it was right to open our virtual Headquarter to all the friends in the world sharing with us the same love for that wonderful Art that is Magic, making the whole site available in English as well, as we would like to get in touch with as more people as possible.
There are many other sections, some about pure fun (do not forget to sign our guestbook before leaving!), and there ia a section restricted to magicians only where you can find the last news (and pictures!) about the lectures we had at our Ring, and where you can read, and share, if you like, some magic effects.
But I don't want to steal you the joy of discovery, so I wish you nice surfing!


                                                                                               Magically yours
                                                                                                                                                                                               Dario Padovan
                                                                                               President of Ring 353 Trieste Magica


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