Trieste Magica

On March, 5th, Trieste Magica did a Charity Show for a gathering of the UNITALSI (italian union for the transportation of ill people to Lourdes and other international Sanctuaria) a charitable organization dedicated to the assistance of people with serious health problems.

Read here a complete report.

These are some pictures of the show.


Ghibli with his trademark effect: the Pom-Poms.



An assistant from the audience with a prediction in an envelope: Ghibli will be right.

This seems a scene from "Titanic"... but it's just the perspective... we change perspective, we also change the movie... This seems to be from Fantasia!

Ghibli, some ropes and an assistant...



Ghibli with another assistant during the show.

Full house on stage! It was really a "knotted" effect!!



The main hall was full too! Over 150 people!