Trieste Magica

On February, 19th 2004 Trieste Magica did 2 shows and three hours of balloons inside the Torri d'Europa Shopping Center. Many masqueraded children attended to have some nice time with some magic.

Read here a complete report.

Here are some pictures (so you'll know what you missed).


Boinnng with two witches and a Princess



Blizzard sculpting a balloon (or imitating Sitting Bull?)


Ghibli with many assistants trying to teach how
you can make knot on a rope (just on the rope,
not on the assistant's fingers!)



A small view of the amused audience (really a coloured one!)


Angelius and a young Ninja Turtle doing a bizzarre version of the "Linking Rings"



Angelius plays a "Who's stronger" game with a young assistant. Who is going to win?

Willow modeling a balloon for a Dalmatian (we are wondering where the other 100 were...)


Wizard, surrounded by ladies and princesses, as
he makes a flower for all of them. Who knows if he has already forged the knights'swords?