Trieste Magica

On May 14th, 2005, Trieste Magica presented the IVth Soirée Fantastique, themed on Close-up and Parlor Magic. During the show, staged at the S. Marco Cafe, seven of our artists performed.

These are some pictures of the show. Here, instead, you can read a review.


The audience laughs while Amgelius is on stage.


Cristiana, working as light and sound technician for the show.


Step plays with the spectator's mind.



Ghibli, MCed the show.



Anthés links the Rings.




Nevio Martini entertains the audience with a silk.

Valerio's act was really poetic.



A lady from the audience plays with gun and helmet kindly provided by Angelius.


Valerio during his rope routine.


Julian transforms a nice lady in a magician.