Trieste Magica


On October, 5th, 2004 Trieste Magica presented the IIIrd "Soirée Fantastique", about Parlour Magic. Eight Artists of ours were on the stage. As the previous ones, also this time the Soiree was staged at the S. Marco Cafe.

Read here a complete report.


Dave D., the brilliant MC of the show, tries to complete his crosswords with the aid of the audience.



Julian entertains with cards.

Step doing some mental magic with the aid of the Spirit of Houdini.



Anthés performing the Linking Rings, a evergreen classic of magic.

Valerio at the "lights and music" mixing console.



Elanor tries to move (telepathically) some cards: at her own way...

  Ghibli trying to take a picture of the  aura of the chosen card.


Luca is being assisted by two members of the audience during an effect with some currency.


Nevio Martini performing "Cups and Balls". A hit, as usual.



The final bow for our artists, a smile, a farewell and see you to the next Soiree, in 2005.