Trieste Magica

On May 4th 2004, Trieste Magica, strong for the positive response obtained from the first show, presented the second "Soirée Fantastique" regarding mainly close-up magic. Eight artists from
Trieste Magica were on stage.

Read here the complete report.

These are some photos taken during the show.


Step, doing a complex voodoo ritual with the help of the spirit of DD Home, the famous medium.



Nevio Martini and a white dove.

Elanor finds the spectator's card inside an almost infinite series of boxes.



Alucard introduces his sealed prediction. He will be right again.

Ghibli and his magical pompoms, an effect made unforgettable by his tipical verve.



Valerio does a prediction based on various simbologies: numbers, letters, cards.

Dave D. showing us another card miracle of his.


Julian chopping some greens. But this young lady seems to be a bit worried...who knows why?


The numerous audience, astonished and amused by Trieste Magica artists' performances.



The eight artist on stage for the final bow.