Trieste Magica

On November 15 2008 Trieste Magica was pleased to re-present the Lecture-Show "Houdini!". The show, promoted by "La Casa dei Teatri", with the support of the "Provincia di Trieste" and the technical organization of "Cooperativa Bonawentura", is a narration of the life and the art of one of the biggest illusionist of all time: Harry Houdini. Handcuffs, river diving, card manipulations, lock and spirit seances, all dressed with original movies and music, will guide you through a wonderful journey in the Vaudeville of the first years of the 20th century.

These the various shots of the evening


Ghibli and..


..Dave D. MCed

The stage..


Nevio Martini performing some material the same Houdini performed


Even when he was calling himself "the King of Cards"


Angelius tries to reproduce the Hudson escape

Angelius frees himself..

..but here it's how he did it!!

Step executing a spirit sťance

Anthés and the mail bag escape



Final bow!