On September, 4th 2004, Trieste Magica did a eight hours show at the XIth Hobbiton. Hobbiton is dedicated to the wonderful world of "The Lord of the Rings". For the occasion either the magicians'outfit that the effects were middle age style.

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Anthés tries to locate a selected card with the aid of a crystal Pendulum.



Some wanderers passsing by at Hobbiton, directly from the Middle-Earth.

Elanor doing an Elvish mind reading feat .



Ghibli performing for the many people that surrounded our booth all day long .


Ghibli during an effect with the four elements, Water, Air, Earth and Fire .



Elanor does some Ritual Magic with a Ring of Power .

Anthés tells the audience the story of the Rings of Power .



Elves and Warriors were commonplace at Hobbiton.

Ghibli doing Tarot reading to have some clues to locate the lucky card of an Elvish Beauty.


Elanor doing some Elvish Magic for the audience at our booth.