Trieste Magica

On January, 8th 2005, Trieste Magica did a small show for the end of the Christmas time at the Casa Capon Retirement House.

Read here a complete report.

Here are some pictutures of the event.


A Angelius tearing a newspaper in pieces. Will he be successful in restoring it?



Ghibli cutting ropes with the aid of one of the guests of the house.


Angelius and a colorful silk. .



But Angelius is ever been a Juggler? Let's hope for the best!

Ghibli with three volounteers as he teaches to do some magic.


Ghibli and the cutted rope that should have NOT been cut! Will he be able to restore it with a little bit of magic?

Ghibli in another moment of his Magic lesson...


The colorful and always amusing Pom-poms.