Trieste Magica

November 15th 2009 Trieste Magica is proud to present the new show "Cabaret Magico". Ninety minutes made from a perfect mix between Magic and comedy.
The show, which is part of the "Si accendono le luci" lineup, is made possible thanks to the contribution of the "Provincia di Trieste" and in cohoperation with "Casa dei Teatri".
The show will take place at "Il Teatrino", via Weiss 13 (inside the San Giovanni Park, where the Old Asylum used to stand).


Angelius, free player of the show..


Valerio and his numerous faces.. here as professor Vespasiano.

Dave D., MC of the evening, was continuously disturbed .. this time by a magical plumber!



Nevio Martini having troubles with manipulation balls..

Dave D. finally has time to make some magic.

..but Angelius wants to copy him!

Professor Macchemente is helped by Lello and Dave D.

Our Ghibli, as professor Rino Virus, trying to make something good to Angelius..

Julian with some special helpers..

A new lesson from professor Rino Virus!

Three magicians and an helper

Nothing is left to chance, neither the clothes..

..nor the final thanks..

..nor the usual fabulous final bow!