Trieste Magica

On February, 15th, 2004, Trieste Magica did a Charity Show for the AGMEN children party. The AGMEN is a no-profit organization born from the work of some parents of children which suffered for blood cancers. Their aim is to give a better life quality (inside and outside the Hospital) to all the children undergoing the same sufferings.

Read here a complete report.

These are some pictures of the show.


Blizzard and Willow working together for the same sculpture.


Anthés assisted by a beautiful princess.


Ghibli with an egg, a bag ... and a very patient assistant!



Willow working on a balloon. What is she going to do?

Blizzard is wearing his sober hat, as usual! But
this is a masquerade party.. at least!!!


Angelius slicing a newspaper down to confetti size. Maybe he thinks that millions of coloured confettis all over the room are not enough?