Trieste Magica

December 13th 2009. Trieste Magica is proud to present the children show "Magic Academy".
The show, that the last september registered a full theatre, is made possible thanks to the contribution of the "Provincia di Trieste" and in cohoperation with "Casa dei Teatri".
The show will take place at "Il Teatrino", via Weiss 13 (inside the San Giovanni Park, where the Old Asylum used to stand).
Free admittance until the theatre fills up. The show will start at 5 PM.


Balloon sculptures and soap bubbles for everyone! Thanks to our Wizard and Cri-Cri


Ghibli teaching how to free from tied ropes!

Angelius stole some tricks to the masters and tried to make some magic..


The director Nevio Martini with fire..

..followed by his incredible magic!

Final bow with children!