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The I.B.M. (International Brotherhood of Magicians) is the biggest worldwide organization of both professionals and amateurs magicians, gathering about 15,000 members distributed in more than 80 countries.

The I.B.M. is also one of the oldest living organizations in the world. It was founded February, 10th 1922, in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), by Len Vintus (first president), Gene Gordon and Don Rogers.

The background of the I.B.M. emblem represents the World. The figure is Mercury, the messenger of the ancient Gods and a Magician. He carries a wand in his left hand. At the bottom the letters IBM are joined to indicate Unity and Cooperation. The oak leaf denotes strenght while the two acorns represent the Eastern and Western emispheres. The hands are clasped together to signify the Fellowship and Brotherhood in Magic throughout the world.

The I.B.M. is organized as a Headquarter, that actually is located in St. Louis, Missouri (U.S.A.), and a series of local clubs called Rings. The coordination between Rings of the same country or between Rings and the International Organization is done by a series of Territorial Vice Presidents. The Territorial Vice President in charge for Italy is Tony Binarelli.

The I.B.M publishes a magazine for members: The Linking Ring (in English). The Linking Ring informs member on all the aspects of Magic. Noted performers and writers review the secrets to performing close-up, stand-up and stage magic. In addition you can find tricks, revievs of recently released books and videos and exclusive feature stories on magic's noteworthy personalities. The Linking Ring is published monthly with an average of 200 jam-packed pages.


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