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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this section you can find some frequently asked questions about our association. For other questions or information you can write directly to our secretary.

What is Trieste Magica?

Trieste Magica is a no-profit organization between magicians. Our aim is to valorize the history and the practice of this ancient art.

How was Trieste Magica founded?
Trieste Magica was founded by a group of strong friends, all magicians already working in Trieste for many years, willing to elevate the level of magic shows that Trieste offers all the year round.

What does it mean IBM?
IBM stands for International Brotherhood of Magicians, the foremost Magic association worldwide (beside being one of the oldest).

What does it mean Ring 353?
Trieste Magica is one of the IBM local club. Each local club is a Ring of a virtual brotherhood chain that links magicians worldwide. Trieste Magica is the 353th Ring.

Which are your activities?
Trieste Magica organizes lectures, workshops and public shows on a regular base.

How can I be always up-to-date with your activities?
This is very easy.
If your are a magician and belong to a FISM-affiliated Magic Association, you can subscribe to the magicians-newsletter: just write to our webmaster.
If you are a "layman" you can send an empty message to triestemagica_annunci-request@triestemagica.org (with the subject 'subscribe'). In this way you will subscribe to Trieste Magica Announcement Newsletter. Each time we will do a public show you will get a notification message.(announcement will be made in Italian)

Who can take the Academy classes?
The Academy is dedicated to people seriously interested in this wonderful art. Classes are not easy, but are very rewarding. Being really motivated is of biggest importance.

How much time does it take to attend to an academy class?
Each course (with limited attendance) is about 6 month of time. Each year Trieste Magica organizes a course.

How can I become a member?
In order to become a member you must undergo an examination. If your level in magic is not sufficent, you will have to take the Academy class first.

Who can be a member?
To be a member you must demonstrate a true interest in Magic. Beside this you must be seriously willing to study, because, as in other arts, study is fundamental in order to achieve better results.

I need a magician for a party/show, can I ask to you?
Sure, you can write to info@triestemagica.org and we will be glad to send you all the informations on available artists. Or you can give a look by yourself to our Artists section.

I was wondering if Trieste Magica acts as an employment Agency for his members.
No, Trieste Magica is a no-profit organization, but we will glad to put you in touch with our artists.

How can I directly contact one of your artists?
Just go to the Artists section under the "about us" menu. You will find all the information you need.

I need a show with more than a Magician.
In this case you are kindly asked to write to our secretary (info@triestemagica.org).

We are a no-profit/charitable organization/we are organizing a fund-raising show: can Trieste Magica be part of it?
Please write to our secretary (info@triestemagica.org) with as much details as possible. We will be glad to receive such inquires: we promise that we'll do our best to be there.

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