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Nevio Martini is one of the most renowned and celebrated italian magicians.

His Magical career has been full of prizes. Among them we will just like to remember the two Silver Magicians he won in 1963 and 1964, the Golden Halberd in 1975 and the Garatti Award he got in 2002.

For his Artistical achievements, and his high contributions to magic,
he has been presented with the Honorary Membership by Trieste Magica and by the Club Magico Italiano.


His show is best described as a continuous series of appearing and disappearing cards, candles, balls and white doves. Not forgetting the wonderful effects created by some golden rings melting and linking one through the other or a sphere flying in a strange way on stage from side to side.

Nevio Martini showed all over the world on the best cruise ships and
in the most important night clubs. His great showmanship makes an event out of every show, good for an audience ranging from 0 to 99 years.

If you want to get in touch with Nevio Martini, you can do it through Trieste Magica secretary.

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