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Trieste Magica strongly believes that Magic, as other performing Arts, should be studied very seriously. In order to offer to everyone interested in this ancient Art the best learning conditions, Trieste Magica started the Magic Academy. The Academy is a school where you can lern the basics of magic having as teachers someone who has been practicing this art for many years.

The course is structured as a cycle of lessons about magic's most important branches, both stage or close-up. Lessons comprise both teoretical and pratical lessons, not forgetting the history of magic from origins to present time. Added to the lessons is a written book of about 400 pages and more than 420 line drawings.

The course, of limited attendance, is directed towards people with a strong interest in magic and has a 6 months term. At the end of the course students will undergo an examination, both theoretical and pratical, and those who pass it can become members of Trieste Magica.

If you need some more informations please contact our secretary (info@triestemagica.org).


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