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Trieste Magica is a no-profit organization whose main aim is to promote the Art of Magic and to divulge the culture and history related to this Art.

Trieste Magica is Ring 353 of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

We aim to valorize the Art of Magic, without forgetting the cultural, hystorical and natural roots of our city.
Trieste Magica emblem depicts some of these: the Top-Hat symbolizes the Art of Magic, whereas the Halberd is a classical icon of Trieste and all is put in the center of a compass card with Card Suites instead of Cardinal Points.
By the way, if your are asking yourself what is that strange thing on E-N-E position on the compass, just know that is the direction from which a strong, peculiar wind named Bora blows (up to 150 Km/h of speed). This strong and icy wind is another of the City symbols.

We want to address all those who are seriously interest in the Art of Magic: people willing to learn but, mainly, to study. At this purpose we regularly organize lectures, workshops and shows, to better members' technical and artistic skills.

We organize on a regular base free shows open to the laymen in order to make as much people as possible feel the Magic Experience. The Magic Shows encompass all different branches of Magic.

For the same motivation we try to give our artistic contribution to praiseworthy organizations that request our assistance. If your are in charge of one of such organization, feel free to contact us with your purpose. We can assure you that we will discuss them and, if possible, we will try to fulfill them.

Obviously we do not neglect the technical and hystorical aspect, by writing and publishing noteworthy books on Magic.


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